Contests are held each May during the District Conference where members can compete in the Speech Evaluation Contest and/or the International Speech Contest.

The purpose of a speech contest is to provide an opportunity for speakers to improve their speaking abilities, to recognize individual Toastmasters as an encouragement to all, and to provide an opportunity for all Toastmasters to learn by observing speakers who have benefited from their Toastmasters training. Each contest focuses on a particular set of skills, providing a terrific opportunity to learn about a specific area of communication. The different types of contests conducted in District 4 are summarized below.

Each of these contests begins with competitions at the club level. Club winners compete at the local Area Contest. Area Contest winners compete at the local Division Contests. Division Contest winners compete at the District Conference. District International Speech contest winners go on to represent the District at the International semi-final level.

NOTE Beginning with the 2018-19 term, fall speech contests were no longer be conducted.  

Contestant Eligibility
In general, to be eligible for any contest, a contestant must be a member in good standing of a club in good standing (dues current). If a member belongs to more than one club, the member may enter the club contest for each club where he/she maintains good standing. However, a contestant may not represent more than one club at the Area level, even if the clubs are in different Areas or Divisions. District officers may not compete in any contest.

For the International Speech Contest, the contestant must have completed six speech projects in the Competent Communication manual or earned certificates of completion in Levels 1 and 2 of any path in the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience.

See the Speech Contest Rulebook for complete eligibility requirements. An updated copy of the rulebook is sent to clubs each year. If you are unable to locate your club's, one may be downloaded from the Toastmaster International website Speech Contest information page.

Contest Summary
The following chart summarizes some of the details about the contests held in District 4.  While the Internatioal Speech Contest is held each year, the District Program Quality Director can choose to run any one of the other contests.  The Speech Evaluation Contest will be conduct in 2020. For more information, contact your club's VP Education or the District Program Quality Director (

Beginning in 2019, instead of conducting the Quarterfinals at the International Conference, District International Contest winners compete in Region Quarterfinals through video recordings of their speech at the district contest.  Winners of the Quarterfinals (one per region) then progress to the Semi Finals at the International Conference. Winners of the Semifinals then compete in the World Championship of Public Speaking at the convention.  See Toastmaster International Region Quarterfinals page for details.


 HumorousEvaluationTable TopicsInternational
Description Original humorous speech with theme (no acting or monologue) Evaluation of test speaker Respond to impromptu question or topic (same topic for all contestants)  Original speech, any subject
Duration 5 - 7 minutes 2 - 3 minutes 1 - 2 minutes 5 - 7 minutes
Eligibility Requirements Standard Standard plus complete minimum of two levels in the Toastmasters Pathways or 6 speeches from Competent Communicator manual
Month Held  
   Club February
   Area March
   Division April
   District May
   Quarterfinals Region Quarterfinals: Judging of video recordings made at distrct contests in each region.  June
   International Semifinals (winners of Reqion Quarter Finals compete) and Finals (winners of Semi Finals compete)  August