Toastmasters Club Fitness Program

Ready to Do Your HPL Project?   Join the Club Fitness Program!

The Club Fitness Program steps in to help fortify clubs with 13 to 20 members grow. As a Club Fitness Leader, you will work with the club to attract new members and develop activities focused on the growth of the current members.

How do you benefit? If you want to do an HPL (High Performance Leadership), but don’t have a project – then this is the one for you! You can put your great skills as a Toastmaster to work and help a club on building and promoting their club by becoming a Club Fitness Leader.

If your club needs a little extra help to grow, contact our Program Quality Directory at to get connected with a Club Fitness Leader. It’s a win/win for everyone!

As a Club Fitness Leader, a Toastmaster will:

  • Develop a membership building plan to achieve the 2 DCP Membership goals
  • Make every meeting productive by using the Club Tune-Up guide.
  • Develop as a high performing leader.

How to execute the Club Fitness program

  • Get a set of the HPL manuals and form a guidance committee.
  • Start with the Moments of Truth. Identify the strengths and areas of improvement for the club.
  • Plan an Open House. Contact Melisa Frick if you need help with running an Open House.
  • Discuss the DCP with the club officers and members
  • Introduce improvements to club meetings using the Club Tune-Up guide.
  • Review progress with your HPL committee and with the Director, Club Fitness Elaine Lung