The Club Coach program helps struggling clubs become Distinguished clubs.  A Club Coach

  • Builds a rapport
  • Observes and analyzes the club environment
  • Helps the club develop goals
  • Enables the club to achieve goals
  • Instills enthusiasm, fidelity, and a sense of responsibility

There are specific requirements that a member must meet before he or she can become a club coach.

  • Coaches are Toastmasters who are not members of the struggling club and are not currently familiar with the club or its members.
    • This outsider perspective allows the coaches to view the club objectively.
    • Although coaches can't be members of the club at the time of appointment, they may join the club after being assigned.

Club Coach Program Regulations

  • A club coach may only be assigned by the district director or the club growth director.
  • A club must have at least one but not more than 12 members when a coach is appointed, and the coach cannot be a member of that club until their appointment request has been processed.
  • Up to two coaches may be appointed to a club.
  • The appointment lasts to June 30 of the current program year if the club becomes Distinguished or better. If Distinguished club status is not reached in the initial program year, the assignment will be extended to June 30 of the following year.

Club Coach Recognition

  • Each club coach receives a pin upon assignment.
  • After successfully completing the assignment, each club coach receives a certificate and credit toward the Advanced Leader Silver award.
  • A certificate will be sent to each club coach upon successful completion.
  • Club coarches are recongnized in the spring at the annual district conference.


  • Club Coach Troubleshooting Guide
    A scoring rubric to help club coaches determine corrective actions while in discussions with a struggling Toastmasters club.
  • First Class Club Coach
    A comprehensive guide for preparing and presenting an effective training session for club coaches.