Congratulations to the members in the table below who have achieved the Triple Crown for the current Toastmasters Year. Triple Crown recognition is awarded to members who within the current Toastmasters year earn:

Any three of the following education awards:

  • Pathways Level(s)
  • Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)

Note that the Triple Crown report on the Toastmasters International website includes some educational awards not included in the criteria listed above. These awards have been subtracted from the count in the table below.

  • Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) - legacy C&L award.
  • Leadership Excellence (LDREXC) - for legacy High Performance Leadership which now one of the Level 5 electives.
  • Pathways Mentor Program (PWMENTORPGM) - this not an educational award level.

Where Name unavailable appears, the member has selected No for the YOUR NAME ON PUBLIC REPORTS setting of My Privacy and Consents on the Toastmaster International site account information.  If your name is missing and you wish it to appear, follow the instructions provided here.

ExcludedCountMember NameAwards