When your club is ready to use the district credits earned from achieving these awards, review the How to Redeem District Credits. If clubs want to know how much credit they have left, visit Credits Tracker and look for your club number.  To review the Club Success Award achievers, visit the What's Trending page.


Start StrongStarting Strong
The club that adds the most new, dual or reinstated members between August 1, 2020 and September 30, 2020 who pay their dues through March 30, 2021 will get a $75 gift certificate.
Questions? Contact growth@d4tm.org


Lucky 7 thumbnailLucky 7
Clubs that have all 7 officers trained in a training season (Jun-Aug or Nov-Feb) receive $75 in District Credit.  See the Training Schedule for upcoming training dates. Check your club's officer training status here.
Questions? Contact quality@d4tm.org


plan4success sml3Plan 4 Success
Clubs that send a copy of their completed Club Success Plan, signed by at least four officers, and a photo/screenshot of the team working on the plan by September 15th receive $50 in District Credit.  
Questions? Contact quality@d4tm.org


open house smallOpen House
Clubs that hold an open house during August-September or January-February and add 3 or more new members within four weeks receive $50 in District Credit.  Send proof of promotion, open house meeting agenda and new member info to District Club Growth Director (growth@d4tm.org). 
Questions? Contact growth@d4tm.org


sept sanity thumbnailSeptember Sanity
Clubs that renew 75% of their July 1st base membership by September 17th earn $50 in District Credit.
Questions? Contact growth@d4tm.org


smedley stretch thumbnailSmedley Stretch
Add 5 members between August 1st and September 30th to qualify for the Smedley Award from Toastmasters International.  Clubs that add 7 new members in this period also receive $50 in District Credit from District 4.
Questions? Contact growth@d4tm.org


early achievers thumbnailEarly Achievers
Clubs that achieve at least 5 Distinguished Club Program goals by October 31st receive $100 in District credit.
Questions? Contact quality@d4tm.org


march madness thumbnailMarch Madness
Clubs that renew 75% of their July 1st base membership by March 15th earn $50 in District Credit.
Questions? Contact growth@d4tm.org


presidents club thumbnailPresidents Club 
Clubs that hit at least 9 Distinguished Club Program goals and have either 20 members or a increase of 5 members from their base by April 15th receive $100 in District credit.
Questions? Contact quality@d4tm.org


Beat the Clock StrongBeat the Clock (Strong)
Add 5 new, dual, or reinstated members from May 1-June 30 and get 10% off your next Toastmasters International order (click for details).
PLUS a $25 gift certificate from District 4 if you also updated your club online status to allow online attendance (see video).
Earn an additional $25 gift certificate if club has also achieved 5 Distinguished Club Program (DCP) goals (DCP details).