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Joe Bresler

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What attracted me to Toastmasters a few short years ago, was the desire to step back into public speaking, after taking a break for several years. Once I joined my first club meeting, I was hooked, not only because of the opportunity to practice and sharpen my skills in public speaking, but also because I quickly learned that Toastmasters would provide me with an amazing opportunity to refine my leadership skills, and to take control of my professional development more broadly.

Through serving in club and district leadership roles as Vice President of Public Relations, Area Director, and Division Director, I've found that I've been able to connect more deeply with the Toastmasters community at-large, and have had the opportunity to mentor, guide, and support others at all levels of the district and all stages of their professional development. It is very satisfying for me to continue in district leadership this year as the Public Relations Manager, which I see as a way to be able to give back to the individuals and the broader district that has supported me so well in my own personal journey.

This year, as I set up the District 4 Public Relations function, I'll be reaching-out to you for your input and ideas, and hope to foster an approach of open communication and collaboration. Likewise, I hope that you will feel comfortable with approaching me directly with your feedback and suggestions. We're all in this together, and I look forward to the dialog.

It is my personal goal this year to raise the visibility of District 4 among media and influencers, which in-turn will help us more broadly with supporting existing clubs and their members, as well as with building new clubs. To that end, I'm looking forward to your participation in PR-related committees and activities, whether tied to blogging, web/digital marketing, social media, video, or other communications vehicles. If you've already got the necessary PR and marketing-related skills, or simply have the curiosity and willingness to learn, I look forward to having you engage with me and with the D4 PR team. Together, we can help all our clubs and members meet and exceed their goals for the 2020-2021 year and beyond.

As part of the District's Top 4, I want to make the 2020-21 program year a very successful one for our entire Toastmasters family, and the larger community we serve.

-Joe Bresler (

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