What can I expect when I attend a COT?

A district leader will lead a group training session for all officers to begin working as a team. To get the most of this portion of the training, we encourage all club officers to attend training on the same date. After the group session, officers will breakout by role to learn more about their duties and share best practices. An experienced club officer will facilitate this discussion. Both parts of the training are required to receive credit.

How are COT facilitators selected?
District 4 has the following requirements to serve as a COT facilitator:

  • Serve in the role for which you are training for at least one full year.
  • Attend club officer training at least twice prior to facilitating a COT.
  • Attend or watch the "How to Facilitate a Club Officer Training" Webinar.
  • Review the "COT Facilitator Guide" and training materials prior to training.

How can I become a COT facilitator?
If you meet the above requirements, fill out the COT Facilitator Interest Form to share your experience and availability.

Can I get credit for attending a COT when I'm the facilitator?
Yes! This is the perfect leadership opportunity if you are serving in the same officer role for a second time. You'll have the opportunity to mentor new officers by sharing your experience and best practices. Training materials are provided by the district.

If I serve in multiple officer roles, do I need to attend training for each role?
Yes. You must attend a separate training for each different officer role that you hold.

If I hold the same officer role in multiple clubs, can I get credit for each club?
Yes. When you attend training for a role, you will receive credit for that role in every club in which you are officially listed as a club officer for that role.

If already attended training for my current officer role, can I attend training for a different role and still get credit for my club?
No. In order to receive credit, the officer listed with Toastmasters International must attend training for that role twice a year.

My club has co-officers for each role, but we can only list one officially with Toastmasters International. Can either one attend training and receive credit for the role?
While both co-officers are welcomed and encouraged to attend club officer training, only the officer listed with Toastmasters International can receive credit for the role.

I am not an officer but want to attend training to learn more about the role. Can my club receive credit if the officer on file for that role cannot attend?
While all members are welcomed to attend club officer training, in order for the club to receive credit, the officer listed with Toastmasters International must attend training for that role.

What do I need to do to ensure I receive credit for attending club officer training?
Initial the registration sheet when you arrive at the training and again during the breakout session to confirm you attended the correct training for your role.

Can I attend training in a different district? How do I ensure I receive credit?
Yes, you can attend training in any district across the world! To ensure that you receive credit, indicate in the sign-in sheet that you are from District 4, then email the Program Quality Director for both districts after the training to get the verification process started.  See the links below for training sessions in neighboring districts.

I attended training between June-August. Do I need to attend training again between December-February?
Yes! Experienced officers are an important part of the club officer training discussion to share their experience and best practices with new officers. Club officers must attend training twice a year to receive important updates from the district and Toastmasters International, and to fully understand the responsibilities of their role throughout the entire year.

How do I verify I received credit for attending COT?
Login to Club Central, click on Distinguished Performance Report, and scroll down to goal #9.

How long does it take for the credit to be posted online?
Updating club officer training attendance is a manual process that includes collecting and scanning sign-in sheets, cross-referencing the sign-in sheets with club officer lists on Toastmasters International, and then updating the training report in District Central. Please allow up to two weeks after the training is held for the completion of this process. If the credit is still not reflected in the Distinguished Performance Report after the Month End Closing Date, email quality@d4tm.org with the name of the officer, the role, and the date of the training.

Our club's Distinguished Club Program report doesn't list the correct number of officers trained. How do I get this corrected?
After confirming that Toastmasters International has your updated club officer list, and that the officers listed are the ones who attended the training, email quality@d4tm.org with the list of officers who attended training, the locations, and dates.

How does my club verify which officers are officially listed?
Login to Club Central and click on Club Officer Assignment.

How does my club qualify for the Lucky 7 incentive and earn district credit?
All 7 club officers must attend training during the given period (June-August or December-February) and sign in. If your club has less than 7 officers, they can hold multiple roles but must still attend separate training for each role in order to earn the incentive.