club management

Club Goals
Club officers are asked to work together as a team, and perhaps one of the most important activities of a club's executive team is to set goals for the club. From defining vision, mission and value statements to creating a Club Success Plan, there are several activities involved in making your club successful.

Educational Activities
The main reason that most members decide to join a club is to improve their speaking, listening and leadership skills. This is the main reason for the existence of the Toastmasters program. As such, there are a number of special activities that a club can conduct to help its members improve their communication and leadership skillls.

Club Administration
Like any organization, managing a club involves several administrative duties to keep things running smoothly. The basic administration of your club will involve a number of tasks — from completing membership forms, collecting dues, and meeting deadlines to building your club's membership and communciating with Toastmasters International.

Club Officer Roles
The key to any successful club is the leadership of the club, and a large part of the Toastmasters program is building leadership skills. Being an officer in a club is one of the most effective — and rewarding — ways both to build your leadership skills and to help your club reach its goals.

Club Promotion
The overall health of a club depends very much on the number of active members in that club. Having a larger number of members in your club generally translates into more energetic and interesting meetings, which in turns leads to a higher level of satisfaction among your club's members. Gaining new members, therefore, is a critical aspect of managing your club, and promoting your club is probably the best way to attract new members.