Distinguished Club Program (DCP) The Distinguished Club Program (DCP) was established by Toastmasters International as a general measure of club success. Each year the Distinguished Club Program recognizes club achievements in education, membership growth, club leadership and club communication. This measure is not the whole of what makes a club successful, but it does reflect the activities that required for success.

To help members achieve their personal goals, clubs are encouraged to define a mission statement and create a Club Success Plan, which for many clubs will be based on the targets outlined in the Distinguished Club Program. The Distinguished Club Program, therefore, has the duel benefit of helping both the club and its members.

Early Achievers Incentive
District 4 clubs that achieve at least 5 Distinguished Club Program goals by October 31st and have either 20 members or a increase of 5 members from their base receive $100 in District credit.
Questions? Contact quality@d4tm.org

Distinguished Club Program Goals
In the Distinguished Club Program, there are ten goals that serve as targets to help a club become a stronger organization.  The goals are sumarized below.  For more information, refer to the Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan.

Education Goals: Up to six of the Pathways Level goals below
1.  Four members complete Level 1
2.  Two members complete Level 2 
3.  Two more members complate Level 2
4.  Two members complete Level 3 
5.  One member completes Level 4, Level 5 or DTM 
6.  One more member completes Level 4, Level 5 or DTM
Membership Goals
7.  Add four new members
8.  Add four more new members
Officer Training Goal
9.  Have a minimum of four officers trained during each of the two Club Officer Training periods
Administration Goal
10.  Submit one membership dues renewal report and one club officer list to Toastmasters International before the deadline

By achieving a certain number of the targets in this program, a club can earn one of three levels of recognition:

Achieve five of ten goals   =   Distinguished Club
Achieve seven of ten goals   =   Select Distinguished Club
Achieve nine of ten goals   =   President's Distinguished Club

Membership Requirement
To be eligible for recognition under the Distinguished Club Program, a club must end the Toastmasters year on June 30 with twenty or more members OR with a net increase of at least five members since beginning of the Toastmasters year July 1.

Tracking Your Club's Success
In October, January and April your club president will receive an e-mail reminder to check your club’s progress online. The report will show your membership base, current membership and progress toward the 10 goals. Following the June 30 close date, and after all data received has been processed, your club president will be sent a final, year end report showing how the club did and any recognition it earned.

Any club member can track how his or her club is doing in the Distinguished Club Program by visiting the Dashboard on the Toastmasters International website.