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The Platinum Presence Award, previously called Platinum Page, was created to recognize the significance of the Internet as a communications tool. Because of the explosive growth of the Web as a means to access information, especially in the area of social media on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yelp, clubs cannot afford to ignore the impact that this form of communication has had on Toastmasters. The award recognizes the excellence of club webmasters and VPPRs in presenting their club and Toastmasters on the Web.

Even though a club may have a web site or social media presence, each club must submit an entry for the Platinum Presence contest for every year that it wishes to enter. Once the entries are received, a team of judges will evaluate the club's website and social media sites to render a decision. The Platinum Presence award winner will be announced at the Hall of Fame presentation at the District 4 Conference.

The contest for the Platinum Presence award is open to all club webmasters and VPPRs in District 4.

To enter the Platinum Presence contest, please send an e-mail message to the Public Relations Manager stating their intention to enter. The entry must also clearly list the following information:

  • Name of the club
  • Number of the club
  • Name of the webmaster or VPPR
  • Address of the club web site and social media pages(URL)
  • Three specific sections of the sites that you wish to highlight
    (with the addresses of these pages)

Judging Criteria
Entries will be judged on the site's content and design, with the emphasis clearly on the quality of the content presented by the site, as follows:

  • Promotion (20%)
    • Upcoming club meetings and special events
    • Upcoming district events
  • Education (15%)
    • Explanation of Toastmasters program and its benefits
    • Links to other resources on
  • Member Information (15%)
    • Information for guests on how to become a member
    • Details on membership fees
  • Integration (5%)
    • Integration of website with other social channels
  • Administrative Content (5%)
    • Details on how to attend a meeting as a guest
  • Navigation and Organization (25%)
    • Easy to navigate structure
    • Clear content organization
  • Page Design/Layout (15%)
    • Creative and attractive visual design
    • Use of images from club meetings and members
    • Consistent typography and use of whitespace

Entry Deadline
To be eligible, entries must be sent to the Public Relations Manager by April 30.

Every year, District 4 sponsors several awards recognizing both clubs and individuals for their outstanding performances during the year in the areas of member education, leadership, and the overall promotion of the Toastmasters program.

Public Relations Awards
The District recognizes members who have produced outstanding promotional vehicles for their club, area or division with the following awards. The District 4 Public Relations Officer administers these awards which are awarded at the District Conference. A competing Club must submit entries to the Public Relations Manager by April 30.

Golden Quill
Awarded to the editor of the best club newsletter in the district.

Platinum Presence
Awarded to the webmaster of the best club web site or social media presence in the district.

Diamond Director
Awarded to the videographer or PR team member who creates a 30-60 second infomercial for the club.

District Leadership Awards
The District presents the following awards to recognize exceptional individual contribution at the club, area, division, and district levels:

Golden Gate Award
Awarded annually at the Spring District Conference to a member who has shown consistent service and dedication to the organization.

Toastmaster of the Year
Awarded annually at the Spring District Conference to the top Toastmaster in the district.

Area Director of the Year
Awarded annually at the Leadership Luncheon to the top Area Director (previously call Area Governor) in the district.

Division Director of the Year
Awarded annually at the Leadership Luncheon to the top Division Director (previously called Divsion Governor) in the district.

Toastmasters International Awards
Toastmasters International also sponsors a number of special awards recognizing clubs at the international level.

Distinguished Club Awards
Awarded to clubs for outstanding achievement in education, membership, club leadership and club communication.

Annual Membership Program
In effect every day of the year, this program acknowledges individuals who have sponsored 5, 10, 15, or more new members during the program.

Annual Club Membership Program
This program acknowledges Clubs that increase total membership by five or more or reach 20 members during the Club year. Clubs who achieve in the program will receive a Club banner ribbon, as well as recognition in The Toastmasters Magazine.

Smedley Award
This program commemorates the founding of Toastmasters International on October 22, 1924, by recognizing Clubs which add 5+ members during the months of August and September. Clubs that do so will receive an award suitable for display on their Club banner.

Talk-Up Toastmasters
This membership promotion program recognizes clubs that add 5+ members during the months of February and March, a great time to add members to any club. The Club will receive an award suitable for display on the Club banner. Your District Governor will be notified if your club receives this award. They may wish to recognize your Club at the following District Conference.

Beat the Clock!
Your Club can quickly build Distinguished Club Program credit by adding new members. In addition, when your Club adds five new, dual, or reinstated members to your roster between May 1 and June 30, you also earn your choice of one item from The Better Speaker Series or The Successful Club Series modules.

District 4 Toastmasters Golden Quill

The Golden Quill Award is presented at the Spring District Conference to the editor of the best club newsletter in the district.

What makes a good newsletter?
Many things, of course, go into making a good newsletter. The award is based on content that best promotes

  • Club DCP goals and the Club in general
  • Toastmasters International goals including speaking, communication, and leadership

and that has articles that appeal to any reader, whether another Toastmaster or a guest to your Club.

A newsletter is a great tool that helps you communicate with your members, as well as a promotional tool that a guest can take with them. The primary focus of this contest is on content, however layout and design do count.

The Golden Quill Award judging is based on the information in the "Produce a Club Newsletter and/or Web Site" section of the Club Leadership manual. The judges will look for the newsletters in District 4 that best meet that information. The judges will pick at most one winner.

Judging Criteria:

  • The intent of the contest is to promote effective communication and leadership for each Club.
  • Each competing Club newsletter must be published between July 1 and April 30th of the current Toastmaster year.
  • A competing Club must publish at least two issues of their newsletter between July 1 and April 30th of the current Toastmaster year.
  • A competing Club must submit their newsletters to the Public Relations Manager by April 30.

You can submit the newsletters in PDF, HTML or JPG format via e-mail to

The District winner(s) will receive a plaque, in recognition of their achievement, at the Spring District 4 Conference. This is a great opportunity to promote yourself and your Club!

District 4 is divided into five Divisions, with four to six Areas in each Division to support local Clubs. Each of the Divisions covers its own geographical area. The approximate locations are listed below and shown on our Club Locator Map which is color coded by Division.

Division Director Role
Division Directors lead and support their divisions through the supervision and support of the Area Directors. One of the primary goals of a Division Director is to ensure that each club achieves its mission and fulfills its responsibilities to its members. To achieve this, Division Directors coordinate division activities, set division goals, and assist in the training of area and club leaders.

Area Director Role
Area Directors serve as a liaison between the district and its clubs via semiannual area club visits to understand how clubs are fulfilling member needs and how the district is supporting each club.  

Clubs by Division


Division A
Email Division A Director Karsten Manske
Area A1
Email Area A1 Director Glenn Woodson
2117Early Risers Club
6028Point Of Order Club
937505Virtual Speak Toastmasters Club
2784455Superspace Toastmasters
Area A2
Email Area A2 Director Kalidas Cheroolil
9913Electric Toasters Club
596069SAP Toastmasters
7165655Bill Dot Toast
7222791Uber Palo Alto
Area A3
Email Area A3 Director Arun Shivaramakrishna
8218Palo Alto Toastmasters
1573264Move Fast and Say Things
5048211AWSome Toastmasters
6671684Slalom Silicon Valley Toastmasters Club
7222661Open Space Orators
Area A4
Email Area A4 Director Rekha Raman
33Lee Emerson Bassett Club
1372Menlo Park Toastmasters Club
4515HP Hilltop Speakers Club
3989851A9 Toastmasters
7349126BMS Redwood City Toastmasters
Area A5
Email Area A5 Director Joe Madley
1435SRI Organon Club
4304Menlo Park Sunset Toastmasters
2590625Wellness Toastmasters
7108193Toasty Sharks, Delphix Corp.
Area A6
Email Acting: Division A Director Karsten Manske
318San Carlos Toastmasters
5707Redwood City Orators Club
590123All EArs Club
6662257Mindfulness Toastmasters
7385422CZI Toasties

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