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 Tim CarlisleClub Growth Director - Tim Carlisle, DTM
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I joined Toastmasters because I needed to network outside of my IT department. I stayed in Toastmasters simply for the people I met, and how they poured their lives into me, although they didn't have to do so. I have since made it my mission to give back to the District which has helped me to transform beyond my wildest dreams. I am committed to serving others and making our organization and its people the best they can possibly be.

Change is simply a part of life – how one deals with change is critical to our success, both as leaders and communicators. When it comes to Club Growth, we need to expand our vision by starting new clubs, strengthening and retaining existing clubs and empowering motivated Toastmasters as coaches and mentors.

Here are some specific programs that help with club growth. Please browse through the links and let us know if you have questions about Club Growth, or if you have ideas that could help us.

  • Club Extension Team: Scouts in the lookout for opportunities for a new club, in our District. Prospective sponsoring organizations could be those with 300 or more employees, which never had a TM club OR had one in the past.
  • Club Sponsors: Have an idea for a new club? Let's make it happen! Don't worry--you don't have to do it alone. The new clubs team will work closely with you and help you throughout the process. And you'll get official recognition from Toastmasters International.
  • Club Mentors: Mentors work with a newly chartered club for 6-12 months, helping that club establish itself. Your guidance assists the new club to begin on a solid footing. You'll also get official recognition from Toastmasters International.
  • Club Consultants: Consultants will work on with clubs having 13-19 members, identify 1-2 areas where the club could improve so that membership goes up. Enhance your leadership skills and PR skills, while helping a club.
  • Club Coaches: Coaches work with clubs having fewer than 12 members to grow membership and increase momentum, so that the club becomes Distinguished. Successful Club Coaches get official recognition from Toastmasters International.  As per the update to the Club Coach program by Toastmasters International, currently active (started in or after January 2018) or new Club Coaches, will be awarded two DTM credits, on successful completion of their assignment latest by 30 June 2020.  The two DTM credits awarded are:

        1. Club Coach credit
        2. Credit for one year of District Leadership
    This can be applied to Legacy or Pathways or split into one credit towards each program. Any Club Coach completing their assignment after 30 June 2020 will be awarded only one credit.

  • Club Ambassadors: Want to step outside your club and visit others? The Club Ambassador Program enables you to visit other clubs and share your unique insights with the District! Participation in other club meetings helps spread best practices across the District, and helps you to broaden you own Toastmasters experience.
  • Club Open Houses: Hold an Open House to spread awareness of your club and its unique culture in your community, adding new members in the process. Planning and having an Open House is a great exercise in leadership and team building for your club, and it also helps strengthen your membership.
  • Speechcraft Program: Present the fundamentals of public speaking to non-Toastmasters over 4 to 8 sessions. This is also an excellent way to grow your club's membership as Speechcraft graduates often join the club and get credit towards their CC for the speeches they've already given.
  • Youth Leadership Program Bring the benefits of Toastmasters to a younger generation! YLP coordinators run 8 weekly Toastmasters sessions with students ranging in age from older elementary school children through younger high school students.

Kalidas Cheroolil

Program Quality Director - Kalidas Cheroolil, DTM
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I joined Toastmasters because of the unforgettable first meeting I attended. More than 5 years later, I am still here because of the opportunities I get to meet and learn from individuals from all walks of life, doing all of it in a structured, safe and fun filled atmosphere.

We live in the Silicon Valley, where many of the organizations here, and most of the products developed here, focus on improving User Experience.. Our organization Toastmasters is no different. Our Clubs can survive and prosper only if they strive on providing the optimum Member experience, which consists of quality of meetings, member progression, training and learning opportunities etc.

Please join the Quality team, and together, lets strive to improve the quality of Toastmasters programs in our District.

Helpful Links

Moments of Truth

Constructive feedback is the greatest gift we can give in Toastmasters. Just as you take time to evaluate speakers and functionaries at a regular meeting, take time to evaluate the overall health of your club. Does your club provide a welcoming, supportive environment for members to achieve their goals? Are members getting what they need and want from the club?

The Moments of Truth module from The Successful Club Series is an excellent place to start. This special presentation outlines six key criteria for sustaining a strong and healthy club. How does your club measure up? What can you do to improve?

On Saturday May 16th during the 9:30 AM District Council Business Meeting, the District Council made up of Club Presidents and Club VPs of Education along with the District Executive Committee will be electing next term's District Leadership Team.

The following officers will be elected by the clubs and district leadership team:

  • District Director
  • Quality Director
  • Growth Director
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Division Directors (one per division)

There are many more leadership opportunities to explore. Applications for Area Director, District Administration Manager, and District Finance Manager are now being accepted through May 30th. This is YOUR opportunity to take the lead.

Details can be found on the District Leader Nominations and Applications page.

Candidate Showcase
The Candidate Showcase provides an opportunity for voting delegates to hear candidate presentations and listen to them answer questions. All candidates, opposed and unopposed, participate in the showcase. Prerecorded video interviews with each of this year's candidates are available on the Candidate Showcase page.

Nominated Candidates

The District Leadership Committee met on February 29, 2020 and subsequently to interview candidates for District leadership for the 2020-2021 term. This Committee consisted of five Toastmasters members and was selected to equally-represent Divisions A, B, C, D, and E, as well as comply with other requirements put forth by Toastmasters International. After deliberation, the Committee has recommended the following nominees for candidacy, listed by office and then alphabetically by last name. 

The District Leadership Committee's report can be read here.

Kalidas Cheroolil

Kalidas Cheroolil, DTM
District Director

Timothy Carlisle

Timothy Carlisle, DTM
Program Quality Director
Candidate Statement

Karsten Manske

Karsten Manske, DTM
Club Growth Director
Candidate Statement

Karsten Manske

Jennifer Perry-Ruzic
Club Growth Director
Candidate Statement

Josef Bresler

Joe Bresler
Public Relations Manager


Mare Repetto

Mare Repetto, DTM
Division A Director

Tuya Bliss

Enkhtuya (Tuya) Bliss
Division B Director
Candidate Statement

Rizwana Rahman

Rizwana Rahman
Division C Director

Greg Athas

Greg Athas
Division D Director

Adal Padilla

Adal Padilla
Division E Director
Candidate Statement

Mark Prince

Mark Prince
Division F Director

golden quill

The Golden Quill Award is presented at District Conference to the editor of the best club newsletter in the district.

What makes a good newsletter?
Many things, of course, go into making a good newsletter. The award is based on content that best promotes

  • Club DCP goals and the Club in general
  • Toastmasters International goals including speaking, communication, and leadership

and that has articles that appeal to any reader, whether another Toastmaster or a guest to your Club.

A newsletter is a great tool that helps you communicate with your members, as well as a promotional tool that a guest can take with them. The primary focus of this contest is on content, however layout and design do count.

The Golden Quill judging is based on the information in the "Produce a Club Newsletter and/or Web Site" section of the Club Leadership manual. The judges will look for the newsletters in District 4 that best meet that information. The judges will pick at most one winner per category (Club, Area, Division).

Judging Criteria

  • Club Information (10%)
    • Club name, officers' names, position & contact information
    • Meeting location, address, time, directions to the venue
    • Calendar / List of Events
  • Toastmasters Program (10%)
    • Announcements of District news
    • Toastmasters branding & mission
  • Layout & Presentation (30%)
    • Consistent use of typography, whitespace and color
    • Effective use of graphics
    • Overall creativity
  • Newsletter Content (50%)
    • Recognition of club members' achievements
    • News of recent and upcoming club activities
    • Message from the club's President or other officers
    • Educational value including tips and articles
    • Quantity of newsletters published

Submit the newsletters in PDF, HTML or JPG format via e-mail by April 30th to

The District winner(s) will receive a plaque, in recognition of their achievement, at the District 4 Conference. This is a great opportunity to promote yourself and your Club!

We are now accepting nominations for elected and appointed District Officer positions for District 4.  Note that self-nominations are accepted and encouraged.  Candidates for elected positions must declare their intension to run by January 31, 2020.  Elections will be conducted at the May 15, 2021 District Council Meeting and appointments will be made by the elected District Director.

See the tabs below for full role details, application instructrions and important dates/deadlines. 


For role descriptions and qualifications, refer to the Call for Nominations.  See the following links for more details on each of the District Executive Committe (DEC) officer roles and competencies.

Elected Positions

Candidates for elected positions (District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Public Relations Manager, and Division Directors) must declare intention to run and submit the forms below by January 31, 2021 and attend District Leadership Committee (DLC) nominating interviews.  Interviews will be held in February. More details will be sent those who receive an interview.  Please email forms and any questions to Kitzzy Avilés at

Elections for elected positions will be held at the Annual Conference on May 15, 2021.

Additional Info: Toastmasters International District Nominations Schedule

Important Changes to the Nomination Process
Changes were made in 2019 to Toastmasters International Policy and Protocol concerning district elections.  Some of the changes are shown here.  Refer to District Administrative Bylaws Article VII Officers and Protocol 9.0: District Campaigns and Elections for complete details.  An FAQ concerning Protocol 9 anong with Candidate Campaign Guidelines are provided on the Toastmasters Internaltional Elections Toolkit webpage.

  • All candidates, including floor candidates, for the offices of District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director and Division Director must be evaluated by the District Leadership Committee.
  • Candidates who are evaluated but not nominated by the District Leadership Committee (DLC) may run as a floor candidate as long as they make their intention know in writing to the DLC chair no later than one week before the election.

Appointed Positions

Candidates for appointed positions (District Administration Manager, Finance Manager, and Area Directors) must submit their nomination form and release by May 31,  2021. Please email forms and any questions to Kitzzy Avilés at Candidates may nominate themselves or be nominated by another person. Appointments will be made by the newly-elected District Director in early June.


January 31, 2021

Deadline to declare intent to run for candidates of elected positions. Email the following completed forms to DLC Chair Kitzzy Avilés at

February 2021 (TBD) District Leadership Committee (DLC) interviews candidates for elected positions. Note that floor candidates must also be interviewed. 
April 3, 2021 DLC notifies District Director of nominated candidates
April 17, 2021 DLC report and biographical forms posted on the District website and notice with page link emailed to members of District Council.
May 5, 2021 Deadline for eligible floor candidates (candidates evaluated by DLC but not nominated) to declare their intent to run in writing to the DLC Chair (after the DLC report has been published and at least one week prior to the annual District Council Meeting).
May 15, 2021 Election conducted at District Council Meeting 
May 31, 2021

Deadline for candidates of appointed positions to email the following completed forms to DLC Chair Kitzzy Avilés at

June/July 2021 (TBD) Mandatory training for all elected and appointed officers.  These are two different trainings and officers must attend both.

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