Coming Together-Annual Conference 2021



Due to COVID meeting restrictions, the conference will be conducted online over a number of sessions.  See the Schedule tab for dates and registration links.


Saturday May 1
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Candidate Showcase
Candidates will answer questions live via zoom related to the achievement of the District mission to "build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence."
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Saturday May 1
2:00  - 3:00 PM


Educational Session
Leading with Emotional Intelligence – Coaching & Mentoring
Tony Saccardi, DTM and Sarah Kivel
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Saturday May 8
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Educational Session
Leading in Turbulent Times
Margaret Page, DTM
Toastmasters International President-Elect
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Saturday May 15
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM


District Council Business Meeting
  ▪  District Officer Reports
  ▪  Confirmation of Appointed Officers
  ▪  Adoption of 2021-22 Club Area Assignments
  ▪  2021-22 District Officer Elections
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Saturday May 15
3:00  - 4:00 PM

Educational Session
Thirty Years War
Dennis Chase, DTM
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Saturday May 29
8:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Speech Contests and Hall of Fame
  ▪  Speech Evaluation Contest
  ▪  2020-2021 Hall of Fame
  ▪  International Speech Contest
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Saturday May 29
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Office Hours with Margaret Page
Submit form for drawing for 10 minutes with Toastmasters International President-Elect, Margaret Page, DTM


Saturday May 29  8:30 AM - 2:00 PM

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Join us as our Division level winners winners compete in the District 4 Speech Evaluation and International Speech Contests. The District level winner of the International Speech Contest will be entered into Region Quarterfinals. Winners at the Region Quarter Finals compete in the Semi-Final who then compete in the World Championship of Public Speaking.


Note that the times shown here are an estimate.  Please do not use times shown for planning. 

 8:30 AM Welcome
 9:00 AM

Speech Evaluation Contest
This contest will have the best 6 Speech Evaluators of District 4 put their skills on display, for the coveted prizes.

 10:40 AM Break
10:45 AM   Hall of Fame
11:40 AM

International Speech Contest
The best speakers from each Division in District 4 will present their speeches. The first place winner will proceed to the Regional Quarterfinals.

2:00 PM End Conference


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Do I need to use my computer?
Yes. This contest will be conducted using Zoom. There will also be a live feed on YouTube.

Where's the link to view the contest?
All registrants will receive a link, before the contests.

Do I need to be a member of Toastmasters to attend?
No, all are welcome!

Will this contest be recorded?
Yes. The International Speech part of the contest will be recorded, since the recording of the Winner's speech has to be submitted to Toastmasters International for the Regional Quarterfinals. But this recording will not be available to the members.


Margaret PageMargaret Page

Margaret Page, DTM, of Delta, British Columbia, Canada, is an entrepreneur and investor. She is the founder and co-founder of several companies. Page is certified in business management, accounting, Parliamentary Procedure, Board Diversity, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Executive Coaching, and Cultural Intelligence.

As a champion for women in politics, Page has been active over the last decade in supporting, developing women in British Columbia and beyond by providing them with the tools to serve at three levels of government – municipal, provincial, and federal. Page holds current and former non-profit board seats, and possesses experience increasing organization endowments.

A Toastmaster since 2003, Page is a member of three clubs – the Advanced Speakers Club of Vancouver, British Columbia; Unicorn Toastmasters of Richmond, British Columbia; and Spotlight Speakers of Richmond, British Columbia. She has held a number of high-profile leadership positions within Toastmasters and has attained the Distinguished Toastmaster designation—the highest level of educational achievement in the organization.

As an officer of the Toastmasters International Board of Directors, Page is a working ambassador for the organization. She works with the Board to develop, support, and modify the policies and procedures that guide Toastmasters International in fulfilling its mission.

Sarah Kivel Sarah Kivel

Sarah Kivel is a Leadership and Performance Consultant and Coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been a member of Toastmasters for the past 4 years. Sarah works with high performing executives and athletes. She is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation and a faculty member and Meta Coach at Goleman Ei. She is also the Founder of eiFocus™, a non-profit organization that trains women and girls in sports to be confident and powerful leaders. Sarah loves the outdoors and loves to mountain bike and back country ski. She also loves to travel and adventure in her Airstream trailer, which is also her home office.

Margaret PageTony Saccardi

Tony Saccardi, DTM, is a certified emotional intelligence Coach and mindfulness trainer who helps executives understand the science of emotional intelligence so they can create a culture of trust, collaboration and appreciation. A member of Toastmasters since 2007, Tony is a founding member of Evening Stars, the first advanced club in San Francisco. Tony’s favorite activity is diving, on a clear day, in the frigid waters of the northern pacific ocean.

Dennis ChaseDennis Chase

Dennis Chase is a project manager for a global biotech firm that has its US headquarters in the SF Bay Area. He specializes in process improvement and change management. Dennis is a DTM and has been a long-time member of Genentech Toastmasters, Rainbow Toastmasters, and other clubs. He has sung with the SF Gay Men's Chorus [SFGMC] for over 20 years, and reached the District Level in 2018 with his International Speech on SFGMC's tour of the Deep South.


Leading with Emotional Intelligence – Coaching & Mentoring – Tony Saccardi, DTM and Sarah Kivel

This one hour presentation will focus on “coaching & mentoring”, an emotional intelligence competency in the relationship management domain. This is an essential skill to grow as a leader, to switch from being an individual contributor to being an empowerer: developing others and delegating. Coaching and mentoring are based on influencing, self-awareness, self-management and listening skills. In this session you will learn coaching secrets that will allow you to establish a climate of trust and appreciation between you and your proteges so that they will feel supported, energized and take the next step in their journey.

Date: Saturday May 1
Time: 2:00 – 3:00 PM
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Tony Saccardi

Sarah Kivel

Leading in Turbulent Times - Margaret Page, DTM

We live in turbulent times, where our leadership skills and mettle are often tested. Learn insights from International President-Elect Margaret Page as she shares details of her leadership journey in both Toastmasters and her professional life.

Date: Saturday May 8
Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM
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Margaret Page

Thirty Years War - Dennis Chase

"Thirty Years War" is the story of Dennis Chase's 30-year journey to be a "Jeopardy!" contestant. Dennis shares game show and life lessons observed along the way, that we can all use to reach our own personal goals.

Date: Saturday May 15
Time: 3:00 – 4:00 PM
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Dennis Chase


Office Hours with Margaret Page

Enter for a chance to win a 10-minute virtual session with Toastmasters International President-Elect, Margaret Page, DTM by lottery.

Date: Saturday May 29
Time 3:00 – 5:00 PM
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Date: May 15, 2021
Time: 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Where: Online (Virtual Meeting)

Register here

Please register separately for each voting role you hold (Club President, Vice President Education, and/or district leader position listed below). 

Voting members MUST register by 6:00 PM on Friday, May 14 in order to receive a ballot emailed to them. Those who register after that time may attend the meeting but will not receive a vote.  Note that as the meeting is online, per Toastrmasters International policy, no proxies will be allowed.  

When the voting process is conducted virtually, no proxies will be permitted. Each District Council member must cast their own vote. District Executive Committee members are entitled to one (1) vote and may cast up to two (2) additional votes as a Club President or Vice President Education. All other members of the District Council shall be limited to a maximum of two (2) votes.

The above indicates that a member who is the President and/or Vice President Education of two clubs may represent both clubs with one vote for each.  Because proxies are not permitted, they may not cast two votes for the same club unless they hold both offices in that club.

The district council—which includes district leaders, Club Presidents, and Vice Presidents Education—serves as the administrative governing body of the district. District leader council members include District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Public Relations Manager, Immediate Past District Director, Division Directors, Area Directors, Administration Manager, and Finance Manager. District committee chairs and others whose participation the council requires may attend the District Council Meeting. Members attending the district conference who are not voting members of the council may attend but do not participate in council deliberations.

Meeting Documents

NOTE: Various documents will be added before the meeting so check back for updates.  Please submit any concerns or questions about the documents to the District Director ( 

Business Conducted

The business conducted at the Annual District Council Business Meeting includes

  • Finance Manager Report presented
  • Appointed officers confirmed
  • District executive committee's filling of district office vacancies confirmed (as needed)
  • Assignment of clubs to areas and divisions for the following year adopted
  • District Leadership Committee (DLC) report  of 2021-22 district officer nominees presented
  • Nominations from  floor taken and election of district officers conducted
    • Per Toastmasters International Policy and Protocol, all candidates, including floor candidates, for the offices of District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director and Division Director must be evaluated by the District Leadership Committee.
    • Eligible floor candidates must declare their intent to run in writing to the DLC Chair after the DLC report has been published and at least one week prior to the annual District Council meeting.
  • District director, program quality director, club growth director and public relations manager report on progress toward district goals

Document Highlights

  • Quorum is required to approve any of the above documents, which means 1/3 of eligible club votes must be represented. If quorum is not met at the meeting, there will be an additional online voting period post-meeting in which we will seek quorum.
  • Because the voting process will be conducted virtually, no proxies will be permitted. Each district council member must cast their own vote. District executive committee members are entitled to one vote and may cast up to two additional votes as a club president or vice president education. All other members of the district council shall be limited to a maximum of two votes.
  • Any new motions to come before the council must submitted on the Form for Presenting New Business.  The form must be submitted to the District Parliamentarian at ( three weeks prior to the virtual business meeting. In this case, by 5:00 PM on Saturday April 24.

Virtual Conference Room Instructions

Before the Meeting

During the meeting

  • Voting Members: use the zoom link provided via email and login by 9:15 a.m. to allow time to verify your credentials in the waiting room and troubleshoot technology.
  • Non-Voting Members: watch via the live YouTube stream.

Display Name

  • Rename yourself as follows: [full name] - [abbreviated role].
  • Use the following abbreviations: PRES, VPE, Area XX Dir, or Div X Dir.
  • For example: Joan Doe - PRES


  • Everyone will remain muted unless recognized by the chair to speak.
  • Please do not turn on your video unless requested by the tech chair.
  • To save time, video will not be turned on for participants during discussions/questions.


  • Only use the chat if you want to be recognized by the chair.
  • Include the name of your club and a brief description of your motion or comment.
  • When discussing motions, we will alternate between comments for and against.

Zoom Recommendations

  • Switch to Gallery View by clicking the small 3x3 grid icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  • To show only the speakers on your screen:
    • Next to your Video icon in the bottom bar (on a laptop) or top bar (on an iPad), click the caret symbol: ⌃
    • Click: Video Settings…
    • Click the check box next to: Hide non-video participants

How to Vote

  • Election Buddy will be used to conduct voting during the virtual meeting.
  • You will receive a separate email for each item up for vote.
  • Email ballots will contain a unique link. Do not forward this email to others.
  • When prompted, the password is D4TM (case-sensitive).
  • Only those who have registered by 6:00 PM on Friday May 14 will receive email ballots.