Treasurers play a very important role. The Treasurer manages the club's financial health. The primary responsibilities of this role involve handling the club's finances, including the collection of club dues and the payment of all bills. Twice annually, the Treasurer must notify members of dues collection and then collect club dues from each member.

Serving as a club officer for at least six months satisfies one of the requirements for Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) recognition.

Here are some resources to help you get started in this important role:

Important Dates
March 1 Start collecting dues
April 1 Deadline to submit dues to TI
May 15 Last day to submit tax forms
September 1 Start collecting dues
October 1 Deadline to submit dues to TI

Dues Renewal
Treasurers collect dues twice a year.
Start collecting IN MARCH to pay by April 1.
Start collecting IN SEPTEMBER to pay by October 1.

Submit dues Online: Club Central.

Submit Payment for New Members
Online: Club Central.
Application form for new member to complete.

Tax Forms
CA TaxCalifornia-based clubs are required to electronically file the 199N form with the Franchise Tax Board by May 15 for the previous tax year. On January 16, club presidents and treasurers will receive an email from World Headquarters containing filing instructions. If you have questions, please email

Failure to file will ultimately jeopardize your club's tax exempt status and subject your receipts to income taxes.