Promoting your club to help increase its membership is extremely important both in maintaining the overall health of your club and in reinforcing the objectives of Toastmasters: helping others improve their communication skills.

Almost every club in Toastmasters has a certain level of attrition. Adding new members not only helps keep your club at a healthy level (20 members or more), but these new members can also bring new ideas and perspectives to your club, thereby increasing the variety and strength of its membership.

Whether your club is a company club or a community club, creating an effective promotional campaign is vital to attracting guests, who will potentially become new members. Listed below are some of the activities to keep in mind as you plan promotional activities for your club.

Traditional Publicity and Promotion
The degree to which you can successfully promote your club will be strongly influenced by the amount of publicity your club can generate. There are many time-honored activies that you can employ to help publicize and promote your club, ranging from fliers to newspaper announcements -- and sometimes even an article or two in a local publication.

Club Web Site
The web offers a terrific opportunity for clubs to promote themselves effectively to a wide-ranging audience.

Speechcraft Program
Sponsoring a Speechcraft session is a very effective way to spread the word about your club, introduce the Toastmasters program to others, and show your club in a very positive light.