District 4 sponsors two conferences per year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. Each conference includes the culmination of District-wide speech contests, educational presentations, keynote addresses by professional speakers and the District Council Business Meeting.

District Council Meeting

An important element of the district conference is the semi-annual District Council Meeting. The district council—which includes district leaders, club presidents, and vice presidents education—serves as the administrative governing body of the district. District leader council members include district governor, lt. governor education & training, lt. governor marketing, public relations officer, immediate past district governor, division governors, area governors, district secretary, and district treasurer. District committee chairs and others whose participation the council requires may attend the District Council Meeting. Members attending the district conference who are not voting members of the council or their proxies may attend but do not participate in council deliberations.

The business conducted at the business District Council Meeting includes

    • Audit committee report presented (fall meeting)
    • District budget adopted (fall meeting)
    • Treasurer's Report presented
    • Appointed officers confirmed (fall meeting)
    • District executive committee's filling of district office vacancies confirmed (as needed)
    • Assignment of clubs to areas and divisions for the following year adopted (spring meeting)
    • Nominating committee report  presented (spring meeting)
    • Nominations from  floor taken and election of district officers conducted (spring meeting)
    • District governor, lieutenant governors, immediate past district governor, and public relations officer report on progress toward district goals (both meetings)

A quorum (one-third of the club presidents and vice presidents education from member clubs in the district or their proxies) is needed to conduct business. If any business is done at council meetings where a quorum is not present, then a majority of the clubs must approve the action through a post-meeting vote.

At the district council business meeting, each club president and vice president education in attendance is entitled to one vote. However, if either or both officers cannot attend, they may designate, in writing, any other active member of their club to act as a proxy or proxies for their club. (Use the form here or other document with required components.) No other proxies are valid at this meeting, per Article X: Council Meetings, Quorum, Proxies, and Voting (a) Proxies of the District Administrative Bylaws.

It is a common misconception to consider the supplied "proxy form" to be the "proxy" and, therefore, required. A proxy is "a person authorized to act on behalf of another," in this case a club member. As long as the following is provided, any document (email, letter, etc.) may act as a proxy form:

        • District number
        • Description of event (district council business meeting
        • Date and location of meeting
        • Club name and number
        • Name of club representative or proxy holder
        • Signature of authorization of club officer and office held
        • Date the credential/proxy is signed

To be valid at a district council meeting, a proxy must:

    • Contain all of the elements described above
    • Be delivered personally, by mail, by fax, by email, by electronic transmission or by other reasonable means to the club member who will hold the proxy
    • Be presented by the proxy holder in paper form (i.e. printed email) to the credentials desk.
    • If the proxy does not bear a handwritten signature, it must have the typed name of the club officer(s) giving the proxy or some other indication that the club officer(s) authorized the proxy to be given.

    A proxy that complies with these requirements is treated as valid so long as the credentials desk has no reason to believe that the proxy was not authorized.