Stefanie Chow

Program Quality Director - Stefanie Chow, DTM
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My passion for the events industry stems from the gratification of seeing people connect and become better versions of themselves together. This is why I've chosen a career in planning and consulting events, and this is why I find value in the Toastmasters leadership track. Being able to provide new and exciting opportunities to the members of our District 4 community is what fuels my decision to serve as Program Quality Director.

This coming year brings many changes, which means more areas for growth. Toastmasters International will gradually replace the current education program with Pathways and eliminate Fall Conferences in 2018. Whether you fear or welcome what's next, let's work to unite these different perspectives under why we're here in the first place -- to build our communication and leadership skills and establish meaningful connections.


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Moments of Truth

Constructive feedback is the greatest gift we can give in Toastmasters. Just as you take time to evaluate speakers and functionaries at a regular meeting, take time to evaluate the overall health of your club. Does your club provide a welcoming, supportive environment for members to achieve their goals? Are members getting what they need and want from the club?

The Moments of Truth module from The Successful Club Series is an excellent place to start. This special presentation outlines six key criteria for sustaining a strong and healthy club. How does your club measure up? What can you do to improve?