District 4 Realignment for 2017-2018

Every year, Districts are required by Toastmasters International to review the distribution of their clubs within areas and divisions. Currently our District has more than 120 active clubs distributed among 27 areas with four-to-six clubs per area and 5 divisions with four-to-six areas per division. Each year, we charter a number of new clubs, some clubs stop meeting and disband, and some clubs move to new locations within the District. We review the location and the health of our clubs and with this information, area and division boundaries may change as clubs are moved to balance and strengthen each area and division. This process is known as realignment.

To create the realignments, the leadership team used the following criteria:

  • workload for the Area Director
  • geographical locations of the club
  • balance of aspiring and strong clubs, an aspiring club is one working on building membership, educational and leadership growth and is below 20 members
  • what will be least disruptive to the area and division

The proposal was generated and voted on by the District Executive Committee on March 18, 2017. Some changes were made to accommodate new clubs and presented for vote at the District Council meeting May 20th during the Business Meeting at the Spring Conference.

The realignment approved for the 2017-2018 year shown in the PDF Here. Keep in mind that this is a snapshot of our District as of May 20th, 2017, and that some additional changes may be proposed as a result of the growth or loss of clubs between now and July 1st.

A map view of the proposed District 4 alignment presented at the March 18 District Executive Committee meeting is shown below. The final version of the map will be available on July 1st.