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Members network at the Spring Conference 2012 (Photo by Robert Tang, DTM)

It’s Time for the District 4 Fall Conference!

What’s that, you ask? It’s a celebration, a competition, an education, a business meeting, a door opener, and so much more! This year’s District 4 Fall Conference promises to be a super event. How does this translate for you and why should you consider attending?

Learn and Enhance Your Skills From Experts and Peers

What better way to grow as a speaker and leader than by condensed educational sessions by experts like Sheryl Roush? Ms Roush has presented over 3000 programs with a focus on self-improvement in both communications and leadership. Imagine how she may take your presentation skills to the next level!

We also have the producers from the movie Speak doing a special session on the making of this popular documentary of the road to becoming a Toastmasters International Speaker of the Year.

Watching the Evaluation and Humorous Speech Contest is another opportunity to grow your skills as a speaker. Finally, being in the company of like-minded people will not only give you a boost, but gives you the added benefit of gaining fresh ideas and learning something unexpected from other peoples’ experiences.

Recharged, Inspired, and Motivated

You joined Toastmasters for a reason. The weekly meetings help you grow with meaningful content and useful takeaways. Now, let the D4 Fall Conference recharge your batteries and re-ignite your passion to excel in your development as a speaker and leader. You’ll go back to your club re-energized with great ideas to share.

Network, Network, Network

When you attend the District 4 Fall Conference, you have access to other attendees who might be professional colleagues, making this an excellent time to make connections, share information and learn about your peers. You might find that dynamic person to team up with for a joint venture or make a referral to someone you met at our conference. Networking isn't limited to the participants. When you attend our conferences in person, you have access to the presenters to ask questions, share ideas and expand on what was covered. These invaluable, informal connections take place naturally between sessions. What doors open might open for you at the conference?

Represent Your Club

The District 4 Business Meeting is your opportunity to hear and consult about what we’re doing for you and your members at the District level. Let your voice and your vote be heard. Your input is indispensable to the process of keeping our district strong

These are just a couple of reasons you should attend the Fall Conference, but there are so many more. Investing the time and money to attend the Fall District 4 Conference virtually guarantees that you will return home with new tools, valuable contacts and a renewed approach that will help you grow and flourish in all that you do. See you there!


Unable to attend the free Business Meeting? Designate a delegate to cast your club's votes at the District 4 Business Meeting at the Conference on November 10. Don't miss out on the district level decision making. Your club's vote MATTERS!





Get practice speaking at other clubs, meet other members, see how others do it, get feedback from new friends, step out of your comfort zone, be a CLUB AMBASSADOR. Any questions, ask Vaishali Sirkay, CAP Director.



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Woot! Woot! Woot! ... a fun-cake to our clubs celebrating their chartering anniversary in OCTOBER!

San Carlos-Belmont Club (65 years)
Stagecoach Speakers - 525 Market (5 years)

    •  100 California Toastbusters
  •  Adelante Toastmasters Club
  •  Adlibmasters Club
  •  Advent Toastmasters
  •  Altera Innovators Club
  •  AMD Speak
  •  Baytech Speak Easy
  •  Cadence AHgorithms Club
  •  Classy Toasters
  •  Cupertino Toastmasters
  •  Dolby Speakers
  •  Early Risers Club
  •  Electric Toasters Club
  •  EMC Masters Club
  •  EPA Speak Easy
  •  ESV Toastmaster
  •  Fair Oaks Club
  •  Fog City
  •  Genentech Toastmasters Club
  •  GToast
  •  Guidewire Premium Presenters
  •  Hi Definition Speakers
  •  Hot Buttered Toastmasters Club
  •  HP Hilltop Speakers Club
  •  Juniper Jabbers Club
  •  Lee Emerson Bassett Club
  •  MacinTalkers Club
  •  Mandarin English Toastmasters
      Silicon Valley
  •  Marsh Mellow Toasters Club
  •  McKesson Toastmasters Club
  •  Naval Postgraduate School Club
  •  Now You're Talk[In]
  •  Optical Orators
  •  OracleDirect Toastmasters - RWS
  •  Orbiters Toastmasters Club
  •  Orchard Orators
  •  Perkins+Will
  •  Plane Talk
  •  Promasters Toastmasters Club
  •  Rainbow Toastmasters Club
  •  Rhino Business Club
  •  Riverbed Toastmasters
  •  San Francisco Club
  •  San Francisco Mandarin English
  •  San Mateo Toastmasters Club 191
  •  Santa Cruz Downtown Toastmasters
  •  Saratoga Toastmasters Club
  •  SBO Toastmasters
  •  SF Japanese-English Toastmasters (JETs)
  •  Shield Speaks Toastmasters Club
  •  Silicon Valley English Vietnamese
  •  Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs
  •  Silicon Valley JETS (Japanese-English)
  •  Silver Tongued Cats Club
  •  SRI Organon Club
  •  Stagecoach Speakers - 525 Market
  •  SWAN Toastmasters Club
  •  Techmasters Club
  •  TGIF Management Club
  •  True Talking Toastmasters (TTT) Club
  •  Vakpatugalu
  •  Virtual Speak Toastmasters Club
  •  Voice Box
  •  Wharton QuakeMasters
  •  Xilinx Xpressionists Toastmasters Club
  •  Xtreme Toasters
  •  Yahoo! Yapsters Club

We look forward to seeing many of you at the District 4 Conference in Burlingame on November 10. Take a chance!


Your District 4 Leaders
Miriam, Rita, Atul and Bernard 

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