Does your club elect officers semi-annually? The deadline to submit your new-elects list is December 31, 2012.
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Give A Little, Gain A Lot! 


Conference attendees having a good laugh!

Conference attendees having a good laugh at the Fall Conference 2012, Burlingame, California (Photo by Robert Tang, DTM)


We all join Toastmasters because we want something out of Toastmasters, to become better speakers, to shed the fear of speaking in front of large groups of people, to improve our communications skills and move up in our profession. How is it that we can so easily join a Toastmasters club and achieve this? Who is responsible for creating the friendly environment that we can easily stroll into from many sidewalks all over San Francisco, San Jose,... Monterey? Why would anyone gift this to us? Who makes this happen?

You are the leader that makes this happen.


'Atul, our VP PR (Vice President Public Relations) has left the company. We need you to be the VP PR of the club' - said the President of my first Toastmasters club, Yahoo! Yapsters. My first reaction was recoil - work was so busy, my wife and I had just started a family .. and I had just joined Toastmasters three months ago! I barely knew enough about Toastmasters, let alone promote the club and the program. I didn't think I could do the job. That's when the President said - 'Exactly why you should be a Club Officer. If you think you can't do the job, then step up to be a Club Leader. Just as they support you in your speaking, let your fellow Toastmasters support you in your development as a leader'.. - Atul Nayak

You may wonder if there's anything to gain by being a club officer?





Heart, New Club


Start a new club and charter it before February 14, 2013 and win $100 District 4 credit. Support one of the new clubs being formed. Contact: 




Top hat, white glove and cane


If your club is among the first 100 to become President's Distinguished by April 15, 2013, your club will receive $150 in District 4 credit and preferred seating at the Leadership Luncheon where your club will be recognized.  Contact: 





Thank you to all the people who helped charter these clubs:
Wellness Toastmasters, Dolby Speakers, Guidewire Premium Presenters, Xtreme Toasters, Silicon Valley English Vietnamese Toastmasters, Orchard Orators, SBO Toastmasters, Seagate Cupertino Toastmasters, BlackRock Speaks San Francisco, Slalom Consulting, Superspace Toastmasters, Dell Silicon Valley Toastmasters, JDSU Toastmasters Club, TIB Toasters




Claim your gift


Need ideas for building club membership? An open house in January is a powerful way of attracting new members. Plan an open house in the month of your club's anniversary and earn a free gift basket from the district. Here are some tips, checklists and sample fliers to get started.  Contact:  






District 4's television show. In our November Youth Leadership themed show, 7th grader Kiran helps us to remember to "Live your life well: help others." The next taping is Monday, Dec. 10. 

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District 4 Toastmasters Fall Conference, Brian Wilding, Paul GalichiaTHANK YOU FROM THE

Paul & Brian: Our thanks to everyone at District 4 for inviting us to speak at your fall conference. We loved sharing our experiences from SPEAK and answering everyone's questions.  Stay in touch with them, subscribing to their newsletter. 




Birthday Candles

Happy anniversary to clubs that chartered in November!

Magic Sunrisers Club, Adlibmasters Club, Tandem Toastmasters Club, SpeakEasy@Sun Club, Wry Toastmasters, Sunnyvale Speakeasies Club, Rollertoasters Club, OracleDirect Toastmasters - RWS, MCA Toastmasters Club, Virtual Speak Toastmasters Club, Stagecoach Speakers-SF Financial District, Vakpatugalu, Stand & Deliver, Move Fast and Say Things, Optical Orators, Pacific Speakers Association, Riverbed Toastmasters, Toast of the Bay, CBSi Toastmasters, Hult Connect, Donald L Bogie Club




We would like to extend our thank you to every member who helped organize the conference. Without leaders like you, this organization would not exist. Happy Holidays!


Your District 4 Leaders
Miriam, Rita, Atul and Bernard 

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