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Share a Moment of Truth:  Host an Open House

by Melisa Frick, Director Open Houses

A first impression is a "Moment of Truth" for a club. According to Toastmasters International, a Moment of Truth occurs “when anyone comes in contact with any aspect of Toastmasters, the person forms an impression based on his or her experience at that particular time.”

What was your first Toastmasters experience like? Did you enter a room full of fun, energizing and friendly people or did you spend your entire time waiting for the event to be over? As a Toastmaster, you found a Moment of Truth that was positive and inviting at some point. At that moment, you decided that you wanted to attend more meetings, give speeches and develop your “Toastmasters” muscles.

How can a club create a Moment of Truth so that even timid individuals get into the club doors? The answer is simple: Host an Open House! An Open House is an opportunity for your club to encourage non-members to come by to observe a unique meeting with amazing speakers and stories , all in a supportive environment.

Hosting an open house may sound like a lot of…work. But as Plato once said, “I never did anything worth doing by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident; they came by work.” The rewards received through hosting an open house can far exceed the sweat that goes into putting one together. The goal of an open house is to introduce the club to individuals who may be unfamiliar with Toastmasters. It is an opportunity for your club to highlight its uniqueness and have members share how they have seen growth as leaders.

What makes your club unique? Do you have productive meetings where every member in the room learns by participating? Does your club have an effective mentoring program or maybe it is a club with plenty of speaking opportunities? Are you a bilingual club, an advanced club, a corporate club or a club that has interestingly themed meetings each week that leaves your members in stiches? Why should a guest join your club over another?

Hosting a semi-annual open house event provides your members with a leadership opportunity by allowing them to take the lead on a club event, gain Competent Leadership credit and contribute to the Distinguished Club Program (DCP). You might find that member who brings in amazing energy, entertaining speeches and unmatched leadership drive! Since September 2012, fourteen clubs have shared their uniqueness with their local communities by hosting an open house event. Fourteen clubs have recruited new members who decided that they wanted to be a part of because they found like-minded individuals who offered them a chance to stop being afraid of public speaking!

An Open House is an appropriate venue to publicly recognize the achievements of your members. For example, recognition of a founding club member or celebration of educational achievements through ribbon and pin presentations or a very public “pat” on the back to the club’s leadership . Show your visitors that you value your members!

District 4 Leadership is here to help you host a successful Open House. As the Director of Open Houses, I can provide

In addition, for a limited time, if your club hosts an open house during its anniversary month, District 4 will present your club with a gift basket full of Toastmaster International-branded items – a $50.00 value. Each item is a Moment of Truth.

Visit the Club Anniversaries Page

The New Year is almost here and that is a great time for an Open House. Start planning one today and let me know how I can help. Here’s to your success in membership building with an Open House!

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