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Aim High in 2013 with Guidance from Toastmasters
By Rita Barber, DTM


Considering nothing gets done in the world without communication, we in District 4 Toastmasters are in the right place when it comes to taking our communication and leadership skills to the next level in 2013. We can each use the educational materials and leadership opportunities in Toastmasters to help us improve in a number of arenas, regardless of where we are currently. There's no such thing as being too good a communicator! Here are a couple of examples:

It's How You Say It

Recently, a candidate shared with me that he was told by one of the employers that he “wasn’t as professional as the other candidate” when he didn’t receive a job offer. Yikes! Where do you go from there? I suggested that the candidate ask the other employer he interviewed with what his thoughts were. That employer shared that the candidate didn’t offer enough specifics on how he’d grow a new division. While both employers were being honest, the second employer pointed out a specific reason, not a personal one, which the candidate could work on for future interviews. Giving effective evaluations in Toastmasters help us improve in the art of how to say it and also in how we hear it. We learn to make it about the presentation, not the person.

Speak Up!

How many times have you been to a meeting where a question is asked and no one responds? Fear of saying something foolish often robs us of our voice. If we’re in a meeting, we’re there for a reason, whatever our position. Developing the self-confidence to speak up in a meeting through Table Topics helps us speak up in meetings by teaching us to quickly organize our thoughts, take a chance, and respond to the question at hand. Take those skills to your next company meeting, start contributing, and people will take notice!

Light a Fire and Inspire

Encourage people to want to do their best. Share your vision with others and be specific about the mission you have in mind for them. Focus on what that could mean for everyone: Perhaps a promotion, more money, greater responsibilities – the list goes on and on. By being club and district officers, we each have an excellent opportunity to hone in our skills to inspire others, skills we can use with every person we speak to both on personal and professional levels. Best of all, you don’t need to wait for formal occasions to use your skills to inspire others - there are endless, unofficial opportunities to let someone know how excited you are about what you’re all working towards.

Looking Ahead

As we each move forward in 2013, let’s set the bar high for our own selves in Toastmasters. Decide on which educational goal will help you move forward in your life and set out to achieve that goal. We’ll not only grow as speakers and leaders, but our self-confidence for tangibly accomplishing our individual goals will expand. As a club, review the Distinguished Club Program (DCP) and collectively decide how you’d like to stretch and grow to make you club a shining example of a Distinguished Club.

There’s no doubt that communication is the most powerful tool we have available. It has the ability to inspire and energize people to achieve things that they would otherwise think impossible. Make it your goal this year to use all that District 4 Toastmasters has to offer and you’ll see the benefits throughout this year and beyond in all areas of your life!

Breakfast of Champions

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Take a chance, aim high!

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