Noemi Gonzalez

Program Quality Director - Noemi Gonzalez, CC, ALB
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Being District 4's Program Quality Director (PQD) is like coming home again; only this time my home has grown from one club to close to 140 clubs and a few thousand members. My first club officer role was as VP Education (VPE), a role that, just as PQD, serves our members' educational needs. Being VPE enabled me to experience how effectively this program empowers its members and how I, as an officer facilitating this program, was empowered too. I've since served as President, VPM, and at the district level as Area, Division and Club Growth Director, solidifying the belief that we grow the most as leaders and communicators when we enable leadership in others.

The entire Toastmasters community has been pivotal to my growth because at different stages many people have enriched my experience through mentoring, coaching and new perspectives. But it's not just about being able to communicate more eloquently, it's about being able to understand and honor the diverse communication and leadership needs of others. I feel that when we're in tune with that, members engage, grow and ultimately take the lead. Then, we aren't just leading a team, we're promoting an environment that fosters leadership in everyone. Please explore the links below and embrace leadership through the engagement opportunities available through our wide range of programs and events. 

Helpful Links

Moments of Truth

Constructive feedback is the greatest gift we can give in Toastmasters. Just as you take time to evaluate speakers and functionaries at a regular meeting, take time to evaluate the overall health of your club. Does your club provide a welcoming, supportive environment for members to achieve their goals? Are members getting what they need and want from the club?

The Moments of Truth module from The Successful Club Series is an excellent place to start. This special presentation outlines six key criteria for sustaining a strong and healthy club. How does your club measure up? What can you do to improve?