Lieutenant Governor Marketing - Andrew Gimenez, ACB/ALS
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When I began my Toastmasters experience, I struggled to deliver smooth speeches, and feel comfortable speaking to my club colleagues. With some practice, my confidence level improved, and I was able to speak to larger groups. My performance bar had been raised. Following attendance of a District meeting, I realized District 4 is a vibrant community of clubs and members, each with their own atmospheres and personalities. I became curious, and began exploring other clubs. I participated by holding roles, giving speech evaluations, and then speaking. My bar had been raised again.

With increasing success, I took on leadership roles within our District, and now as LGM, yet again, my personal bar has been raised.

Such improvements occur over time, gradually, incrementally. Individually, the changes are small, but, over time, accumulate to become major transformations.

As you grow and gradually raise your personal expectations, and begin to share your transformation with others, the Marketing Team provides programs to enable your success. We can help you improve your club environment, and offer opportunities to catalyze broader changes.

Open Houses: Spread awareness of your club and its unique environment, building your membership base.

Sponsor a Club: Leverage your experience and passion to form a new club! District will support your efforts, and you can get official recognition from Toastmasters International.

Demo Meetings: All new clubs start with a demo meeting. As a Demo Team member, you experience the energy and excitement of the new club environment.

New Club Mentor Program: Work with a newly chartered club for 6-12 months, helping that club to establish itself. Your guidance assists a new club to begin on a solid footing.

Club Coaching Program: Coaches work with clubs having fewer than 12 members, helping strengthen membership and increase momentum. District 4's Adopt a Club showcases clubs that are seeking a coach.

Club Ambassador Program: As you raise your bar and move outside your club, this program enables you to share your unique insights with the District! Your participation in club meetings spreads best practices across the District.

Youth Leadership Program: Bring the benefits of Toastmasters to a younger generation! YLP coordinators run an 8-week Toastmasters session with older elementary school children through younger high school students.

As you can see, many opportunities exist for you to continue to grow within District 4, and to help other raise their bars.