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March 22, 2017

Step out for Spring and share your experience as a Club Ambassador!

Spring is here and have you visited Toastmasters club around your area and division? If you have not, take the opportunity to visit the different chapters and share your experiences with new toastmasters. So far, we have a number of visits made by new ambassadors as well as returning ones.

Zonker Harris recently joined our merry band of ambassadors. Stefanie Chow has reached Gold level status after visiting 31 clubs, while Scott Brown is now a Silver level ambassador with his fifteen visits. Will you join us soon?


Club Ambassador Wall of Fame! (as of March 22nd)

Blue CAP Pin
Blue: 3 - 9 Visits
Silver CAP Pin
Silver: 10 - 19 Visits
Gold CAP Pin
Gold: 20 - 39 Visits
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Platinum: 40+ Visits

Dennis Chase (3)
Janice Hom (3)
Matthew Lim (5)
Vic Colburn (4)

Scott Brown (15)

Stefanie Chow (31)   

Fewer than 3 Visits:

Aubrey Carrier, Katherine Pratt and Zonker Harris

What ideas are Ambassadors taking back to their own club? 

What ideas are Ambassadors taking back to their own club?

  • Give lengthy introductions, related to the theme of the day.
  • Have lamimated functionary cards, used for every meeting
  • Have a storytelling tip and idiom of the day to set the meeting's atmosphere
  • Invite a company executive to speak before a corporate club's charter ceremony**
  • Have a grammarian report after each segment (speeches, tabletopics. Evaluations)

  Thank you for your interest. All you need to do to visit any club outside of your own and observe what this club doing well, what you would like to bring back to your club and what the club can improve.

How to find a club to visit - go to and visit "find a club" and locate clubs that fit into your schedule. What I like to do is to write to the club you wish to visit and let them you wish to visit them. This way, you can make sure they are meeting that scheduled date and site.

After you did your visit, just record it by going to, club ambassador program and on that page, hit the link "submit report, and a form would appear.

Hope to see your name here soon,
Janice Hom
Club Ambassador Program Coordinator