On Saturday May 20th during the 1:30 PM Business Meeting, the District Council made up of Club Presidents and Club VPs of Education or their proxies along with the District Executive Committee will be electing next term's District Leadership Team.

The following officers will be elected by the clubs and district leadership team:

  • District Director
  • Quality Director
  • Growth Director
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Division Directors (one per division)

There are many more leadership opportunities to explore. Applications for Area Director, District Administration Manager, and District Finance Manager are now being accepted through May 20th. This is YOUR opportunity to take the lead.

Details can be found on the District Leader Nominations and Applications page.


Nominated Candidate Statements

noemi gonzalez

Noemi Gonzalez, ACB, ALS
Candidate for District 4 Director

I just completed my fifth Toastmasters anniversary! I've been reflecting on how that event influenced the direction of my journey, and how the lovely and complex people who entered my life since then have impacted my development. These are the Toastmasters who said "yes" when I reached out for support, who challenged me to think outside the box, and who dared me to try harder than before.

I am more resilient and fulfilled because of District 4's community, and because I said yes when asked to step into leadership. From sporadic roles (participating at a club or district event) to continued commitment (being Club Officer, and being Area, Division, Club Growth and Program Quality Director), each of these steps, with their unique challenges and joys, have yielded huge moments of self-discovery. As I promote my candidacy for District 4 Director, I ask:

  1. For your vote on May 20, 2017
  2. Join the rest of the candidates and me. Take a leadership role, be intentional about your own transformation. You'll strengthen your voice, hone your leadership style and support the community that supports us, paying it forward.
Stefanie Chow

Stefanie Chow, DTM
Candidate for District 4 Program Quality Director

My passion for the events industry stems from the gratification of seeing people connect and become better versions of themselves together. This is why I’ve chosen a career in planning and consulting events, and this is why I find value in the Toastmasters leadership track. Being able to provide new and exciting opportunities to the members of our District 4 community is what fuels my decision to run for Program Quality Director.

This coming year brings many changes, which means more areas for growth. Toastmasters International will gradually replace the current education program with Pathways and eliminate Fall Conferences in 2018. Whether you fear or welcome what’s next, let’s work to unite these different perspectives under why we're here in the first place -- to build our communication and leadership skills and establish meaningful connections.

Orlando Redden

Orlando Redden
Candidate for District 4 Club Growth Director

The way I see growth is from experiencing life, self reflection, feedback, helping and connecting with others. That's what Toastmasters allows us to do. As Growth Director I plan on sharing my passion, and experience and encouraging others to do the same. By doing so, I know District will grow in numbers and strength. We all have the fire inside of us to become the best we can. Sometimes we just need to be around people that will feed that fire to achieve our dreams and become the person we dream about becoming.

karsten manske

Karsten Manske
Candidate for Division A Director

I have been a Toastmaster since 2013. Only a few months after becoming a member I was taking on a club officer role. After being an officer ever since then I can assure, Toastmasters is where leaders are made. Becoming a club officer is like moving from the back of the car into the driver seat. You decide where and how fast to go. It is up to you to avoid collisions. Communication is the key!

In 2016/2017 I became Area director and was experiencing successes and problems of multiple clubs. It is a different experience then sitting directly in the driver seat. I could send little hints, but no direct commands. The better the hints are communicated the more likely they are going to be commands. As Division leader, I am looking forward to the opportunities to help building new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.

Xiaoyu Liu

Xiaoyu Liu
Candidate for Division B Director

I joined Toastmasters 4 years ago as a new employee on my first job. From taking light leadership roles in each club meeting, to serving as club VPE, President and Area B5 director now, and my leadership grew step by step, and I did not anticipate where I am when I first joined. Each role was great challenge at the time and it was rewarding experience. Through years of practice, my real experience demonstrates that leadership can be learned by doing it. I wish I could be a role model influence more members practicing leadership, stepping outside comfort zone.

I am excited to be your candidate of Division B year in the coming Toastmaster term. My goal is to achieve Distinguished Division by motivating and inspiring Area directors to lead their clubs success and bridge areas and clubs by promoting club visit programs.

Nur Beg

Nur Beg , CC, ALB
Candidate for Division E Director

As a Division Director I am excited to be a support for the Area Directors and the clubs therein. I am ready to support the District 4-Division E based upon my experience this year as an Area Director where I have effectively worked with the club members, especially the club presidents to help them with their own needs as well as their club’s needs . My plan is to help all Area Directors and clubs for the 2017-2018 year excel, be proud of themselves for their accomplishments and, of course, be President’s Distinguished!